Longwood Progressive Meeting 150th Anniversary

On Sunday afternoon, May 22, 2005, there was a program at Longwood celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Longwood Progressive Meeting of Friends.

Longwood Meeting was an important part of the Anti-Slavery movement and also of women's rights and temperance movements.

Christopher Densmore of Swarthmore College's Friends Historical Library spoke and Kennett Community Chorus sang.

In 1853 activists in abolition, temperance, and women's rights formed the Society of Progressive Friends. The building that now stands was built in 1855.

John Greenleaf Whittier, Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, and other famous progressives spoke here.


Christopher Densmore's Address

A Visit to President Lincoln

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May 17th 7 day 1855: I went to hunt our cow found her then we got ready with Uncle Isaac Martin & daughter went down to Longwood Meeting house to attend the first Meeting that was held in the New house. Theodore Parker was in attendance he delivered one of the best discourses that is common to here [sic] the house was very much crowded I think they could not near all get seats.

--from the diary of Enoch Wickersham of Marlborough Village, collection of Wisconsin State Historical Society






Founders of Longwood Progressive Meeting of Friends

Eusebius Barnard
Sarah D. Barnard
Simon Barnard
Vincent Barnard
William Barnard
Beulah Borton
Thomas Borton
Cyrus M. Burleigh
George Chapman
Ann Coates
Hannah Cox
John Cox
Hannah M. Darlington
Joseph A. Dugdale
Ruth Dugdale
Sarah B. Dugdale
Ann Fulton
James Fulton
Bartholomew Fussell

Rebecca L. Fussell
Thomas Garrett
Alice Eliza Hambleton
Enoch S. Hannum
Castner Hanway
Esther Hayes
Barclay Ivins
Ebenezer James
Richard Janney
Henrietta Walcott Johnson
Oliver Johnson
Rowland Johnson
Benjamin Kent
Jonathan Lamborn
Mahlon B. Linton
Dinah Mendenhall
Isaac Mendenhall
Isaac Meredith
James Meredith

Thamazin Meredith
Esther Moore
James Painter
Jacob L. Paxson
Jesse Pennock
Mary J. Pennock
Moses Pennock
Elijah F. Pennypacker
Amos Preston
Harriet Purvis
Robert Purvis
Benjamin Pyle
Fannie Schofield
Sumner Stebbins
Enoch L. Taylor
James Truman
Mary A. Truman
Edward Webb
William Webb
Ephraim Wilson